IXDS strengthens Seamless Mobility HUB with Ingo Kucz

Press release IXDS, July 2016
After six years creating strategic cornerstones for innovation at Deutsche Bahn, Ingo Kucz joins Germany’s leading service design studio to truly influence future mobility.
Press release, July 21 2016

Designing the future of mobility: At a time when the share economy, autonomous driving and connected services are transforming mobility as we know it, IXDS is proud to announce that it’s strengthening its seamless mobility offering with Ingo Kucz taking the reigns as HUB Director.

For several years, the service design studio has been creating sustainable solutions for major mobility providers such as Volkswagen, BMW and HERE, and now with Ingo on board it can further influence the market not only with new innovations but by facilitating organizational change.

“I am thrilled to welcome Ingo as Seamless Mobility Director, bringing with him unique strategic experience and insights from his work at Deutsche Bahn and Volkswagen”, IXDS Managing Director Nancy Birkhölzer said. “I look forward to seeing how his skills will complement our team of designers and engineers, and how his deep understanding of the industry and its current challenges will contribute to building truly holistic mobility solutions with our clients."

Ingo has extensive experience working on foresight and strategy projects for car manufacturers and mobility providers and thus understands different future mobility perspectives. At Deutsche Bahn, he worked as Corporate Strategy Project Manager, contributing to the organization’s autonomous driving projects, as well as being involved in building mobility systems on a macro level, and helping companies re-think their core business models.

Drawn to IXDS for its ability to turn a strategic vision into tangible hands-on prototypes, Ingo says he’s looking forward to the opportunity to converge different industries to create better user experiences. “I have worked for eight years at a corporate level on very high level strategic projects and now I want to go to the other side. The main problem we need to solve for the future is to get our mobility sustainable, and to get it sustainable, different industries need to work together. At IXDS, I believe we can be the connectors.”

Though its specialized Seamless Mobility HUB, IXDS conducts extensive user research to design and prototype services to bring the joy back into the mobility experience. With his insight into how management operates in large mobility companies, Ingo says that by bringing prototypes to the table, mobility providers can gain a visionary yet feasible picture of future mobility and, in turn, make bolder decisions.

After examining future trends at both Deutsche Bahn and as part of Volkswagen Group’s Future Affairs department, where does he see mobility heading?

“I strongly believe in autonomous cars and autonomous driving, both for logistics and mobility. It’s going to be a game changer for the industry and one of the most important developments we need to work on, especially in regard to user experience: how does it feel to drive this kind of car? What are the expectations of different age groups? Think about the 16-year-old girl coming home from a party, does she feel secure and safe?” Ingo said. “I’m also excited to think about who the future clients will be. Hey, what about user experience design for space travel?”

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