Hello, I am
Max Popp

Create solutions, not decorations.

Max is a Designer at IXDS. He is curious about designing for all human senses, and has a passion for solving problems in complex systems.

Max completed his bachelor’s degree in interaction design at the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd. During his studies he worked as an intern for Nokia’s mapping unit HERE. As a freelance designer, Max worked for Mozilla in its Firefox UX Design department; with the aim to make the internet more enjoyable, his work focused on ideating and creating concepts for new and innovative web experiences. Furthermore, Max worked for the Munich design agency Interaktionswerk, where he developed and designed products and services for clients such as DLR, Roboception, and IHK. By turning complex systems into solid and utile interfaces he contributed to the success of their crucial products.

At IXDS Max aims to create neat user experiences by developing innovative solutions for clients’ needs. As a multidisciplinary designer he enjoys collaborating with diverse teams and people from different backgrounds.

In his spare time, Max is hiking in the mountains and likes to discover new places and cities. If the weather is bad, you’ll find him is experimenting with music and sounds. You might also meet him with friends at a modern art exhibition.

You can connect with Max on LinkedIn.