Hello, I am
Marten Biehl

Creative Technologist
There are many ways to connect the dots between design and development.

Marten’s role as a Creative Technologist at IXDS is to make design concepts tangible. He builds high-fidelity prototypes and consults on projects if technological know-how is needed.

Marten studied information systems in Münster and human-computer interaction in Uppsala, Sweden. He worked in web design and development at the university, and in student jobs as an interaction designer at a software company and a startup. After attending the CIID Summer School in Copenhagen, he finished his master thesis at the Mobile Life Centre in Stockhom.

Marten’s aim at IXDS is to prototype as early as possible, because he believes that hands-on work is necessary to see if your thinking is on the right track. He dreams of a future where there is a seamless transition from design to development. In the meantime, he tries to find ways to remove those seams at one little step at a time. But he strongly believes that technology can not only constrain but also inspire design.

In his spare time, Marten tries to make use of the mountains near the office with snowboarding, hiking and bouldering. He also enjoys doing martial arts. A connection to technology has so far been proven elusive – but not for lack of trying.

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