February 2017
09:00 am

The House of Beautiful Business @MWC

We’re excited to be partnering with Tim Leberecht, Carmen Boronat Badia, and our friends from A Hundred Years, to bring you the House of Beautiful Business: a special pop-up community during MWC, designed to offer an intimate space for meaningful conversations about technology and humanity and happening behind the walls of the beautiful La Casa de la Seda—for two full days!  

If software is eating the world, we might as well have a glass of wine with it.

The House of Beautiful Business is a special pop-up community during Mobile World Congress (MWC), designed to offer an intimate space for meaningful conversations about technology and humanity. 

Meet fellow MWC attendees, as well as founders, futurists, artists, and philosophers. Explore how to lead with purpose and passion; build human companies and workplaces; create beautiful products, services, experiences; and design connectedness in the age of exponential technologies. 



The House of Beautiful Business will take place in La Casa de la Seda (The House of Silk), a guild house in the heart of Barcelona declared to be National Cultural Heritage in 1919. In addition to its great architectural and artistic value, it offers 6 distinct spaces and meeting rooms that will become the stage for talks, discussions, workshops, meetings, breakfasts, and dinners, as well as just beautiful procrastination during Mobile World Congress.

Experiences for people who care about the relationship of humans and technology like it would actually mean the world.




  • Breakfast Session: Designing the Ethics of AI 8 AM - 9 AM: Artificial Intelligence promises a major shift in how we humans work, play, and live. Let's create a design brief for human centric AI.  REGISTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK
  • The Beautiful Game: A Special Experience for Football Fans Noon - 2 PM: We explore what business leaders can learn from football, including a special excursion. REGISTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK
  • Workshop: Preparing for Superhumanity 5 PM - 6:30 PM: Dive into both theory and practice to explore and experience what it means to be human, and what can humanity do better than any machine. REGISTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK
  • Humans, Design, and the Connected Customer 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM: A private panel discussion hosted by Cogniance. TO REQUEST AN INVITATION, PLEASE EMAIL JAIMIE@LEBERECHTANDPARTNERS.COM
  • The Great Debate: Technology and Humanity 7 PM - 9PM: A mix of parliamentary debate, cage match, Talks, discussions, and provocations with Futurist Gerd Leonhard, Rudy de Waele, Nancy Birkhölzer (IXDS), Mara Balestrini and many others REGISTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK
  • Silent Dinner, for those Tired of Talking 9 PM - 10:30 PM: Do us the pleasure of having dinner with us, in silence. You`ll be surprised by how much communicating and communing will happen, all without words. REGISTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK
  • A Philosophical Salon: Technology and the Public Sphere 9 PM - 11 PM: Curses and blessings in times of "alternative facts": How can we use technology to strengthen public discourse? REGISTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK


  • Breakfast Session: Purpose-driven Business in the Age of Populism 8 AM - 9:15 AM: How can and should purpose-driven organizations respond to burgeoning populism?REGISTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK
  • Lunch Session: Reinventing Organizations 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM: During this session, we’ll discuss principles and corner stones of self-managing organizations - and how they can help us create beautiful businesses. REGISTER/ SHARE ON FACEBOOK
  • Thrive with your Tribe 6:30 PM - 8 PM: Collectively prototyping the future of work. REGISTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK
  • The Future is Beautiful 6:30 PM - 8PM: In this interactive experience, you’ll enter the theater of the imagination to see what happens when we take the long view. No Post Its or brainstorms. Just plain time travel. REGISTER/ SHARE ON FACEBOOK
  • The Beautiful Business Party with MLOVE 8:30 PM - Midnight: Together with our friends from MLOVE, we will celebrate purpose, craft, and romance with a business networking event done beautifully. REGISTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK


Join us in Barcelona!


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