June 2016
02:00 pm

HR Safari New work inspiration tours

Twice each year, the Good School in Hamburg takes 20 participants (mainly from HR departments) on a field trip to organizations in Berlin that have adopted new work methods, to learn about the digitalization of work and how to design innovation as an HR function.  

During five stops, participants take part in interactive talks and hands-on workshops. One of those stops was our Berlin studio where safari guests learned about how to apply service design to their HR work, and our studio director Verena Augustin and Designer Pauline Spengemann showed participants how to experiment with and prototype these new ways of work.

Participants benefitted from a being part of a network of peers to discover new ideas and gain inspiration about their empowered role in Human Resources.

Check out some pictures from the event and the cool bus they get to cruise around the city in. We highy recommend getting amongt this great event – the next HR Safari will take place on September 29 - 30, 2016. Find out more at the Good School