December 2015
08:00 am

Brave New Work – Innovation for SMBs New Work Sessions by XING and intraprenör in cooperation with TLGG and IXDS

Together with Xing and our friends at TLGG and intraprenör, IXDS hosted the New Work Sessions in December 2015.

The conference delivered a mixture of inspirational talks, barcamp sessions and exchange of likeminded people all around the topic of “Brave New Work – Innovation for SMBs". IXDS hosted the track “Transformation” that was all about giving change a form.

Florian Weigmann, of our valued client Trumpf, spoke about his startup experience and learnings as a spin off from a German Mittelstand engineering company. Ulf Brandes, bestselling management author, spoke about the competencies in transformation and the future of change; and Julia von Winterfeldt, management and transformational coach, addressed the future of leadership.

We complemented the session with a presentation about our own path at IXDS, and how prototyping has become our pragmatic way of innovating the organization and future of how we work.