Hello, I am
Chau Hop Nguyen Phan

Service Designer
Always be ready to have your mind blown by what people think, say and do.

Chau Hop is a Service Designer at IXDS in Munich, where she supports concept development projects with user research.

For a decade, Chau Hop has been working in user research across a wide variety of industries and has become a true believer in the supernatural powers of first-hand experience, where teams actually meet users. 

With a background in Sociology, Sinology (Chinese Studies) and Marketing Communications, Chau Hop draws on multiple perspectives to understand and decode user behavior. Prior to joining IXDS, Chau Hop worked at Fluid where she helped to establish user-centered design services.

In her spare time, Chau Hop reads dystopian science fiction, climbs rocks or indulges in homemade dumplings and noodle soups.