Hello, I am
Bastian Boss

Co-Entrepreneur Seamless Mobility
You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bike and that's pretty close!

Bastian is a service designer with a strong emphasis on mobility, and joined IXDS as a co-entrepreneur in this venture in 2017. He is deeply interested in people, their behavior, routines, and peculiarities. Bastian uses different methods and tools to fully comprehend their needs, motivations, and wishes, and translates these into relevant products and services.

Before joining IXDS, Bastian worked for the Future Research Department of the Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, and Edenspiekermann in Berlin. He has gained a deep expertise in user-centered design approaches through his work with clients like Deutsche Bahn, BVG, Examotive, and Volkswagen. This work has also led him to believe that branding is a vital part for each service and product development.

Besides his profession as a designer, Bastian is an avid cyclist and built his own little brand together with friends. Faradgang.de is a non-profit organization that fixes old bicycles together with refugees to let them experience urban mobility in a self-determined manner.

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