Hello, I am
Astrid Möller

Service Designer
Try to explore the world like a child would: it's surprising, nothing is as it seems and it's wonderful.

Astrid is a Service Designer at IXDS, based in Berlin. For her, service design is about trying to understand user needs, and putting them at the forefront of every design process. It’s not only at IXDS that she is engaged in designing for people’s needs, but also at Berlin Service Design Meet-ups, Hackathons, and as a coach at Service Design events.

Her studies in Integrated Design at the Köln International School of Design allowed her to be part of Service Design projects in Taiwan, Japan and New Zealand. She loves to conduct user research focussing on different cultures and nationalities. After her studies, she worked with companies such as Deutsche Telekom, and the Service Design Research lab in Köln, before she finally moved to Berlin to work in a start-up focusing on Design Thinking. Now, her aim at IXDS is – aside from designing exciting new services for people – to truly understand, and be part of a self-organized company.

Astrid sees her life as a prototype: she likes to explore, try new things, and get rid of bad habits, if they don’t work out. She brews her own beer, does visual installations in Berlin clubs, and loves to catch waves (preferably) in warm waters