Hello, I am
Ana Viegas

Design Lead
Be curious. Be open. Be kind. Amazing things will follow!

Ana has worked with a wide-range of diverse people on a variety of projects, for which she designs creative systems. And in 2016, she joined IXDS as Senior Designer to further develop her rounded skill set with like-minded people.

Originally from Portugal, Ana lived in the UK for 10 years before calling Berlin her home. She has a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art, which broadened her horizons on what design could be. Since then, she’s worked on community projects, audio-visual productions, and identity and digital design. With more than a decade between freelance and agency work, her broad experience in both disciplines and environments helps her connect with people from various backgrounds, adapting her skills to the teams she works with.

Ana keeps an exploratory outlook towards new ideas, technologies and processes, with a special interest in language creation and alternative education. At IXDS, she aims to bring her creative systems to the table, connecting people, processes and outputs in a more empathetic way.

On her 5th day, Ana grows windowsill tomatoes, reads science fiction and plots her next travels to the ends of the Earth.

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