Hello, I am
Alexandra Pretschner

Studio Director Munich
IXDS is a living prototype that will never be finished.

Alexandra is founder and Head of the Munich studio that has been IXDS’ second location since October 2013. Together with Verena Augustin, Alexandra is running IXDS’ overall operative business. With her degree in business administration and profound experience in user-centered service and product innovation, Alexandra is a true hybrid of business and design.

After some years at strategy consultancy The Boston Consulting Group, she transferred into the creative business when she joined Sapient’s User Experience and Business Design teams. There she was responsible for leading international teams in the telecommunincations and media sector. Alexandra then joined Swisscom Switzerland where she was responsible for launching a new cross-channel service before she failed at her own startup – a digital service for self-improvement and task management.

Alexandra says, "The best thing about IXDS is that we are a company that will never be finished. We are proud of being a living prototype in all that we do. Come up with new ideas, try them quickly, iterate and bring everything that we do to a new level."

On her fifth day, she enjoys the exhaustion and freedom of climbing up or skiing down mountains, or the inspiration that comes from visiting museums and exhibitions in Munich.

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